Your Surahs Made Easy (Part 2)


All praise and thanks are for Allah who has allowed us to explain some of His book.

After the success of Part 1 of this series, Alhamdulillah we now give you Part 2.

This book looks at 12 Surahs of the Quran, Surah Al Humazah to Surah Dhuhaa.

This book is aimed at 9 year old to adults. Every Surah has a few pages to it.

- 1st page has arabic text and simplified translation
- 2nd page has the story behind the Surah and lessons for us
- 3rd page has questions for you, to see if you were paying attention

The graphics of this book are of the highest degree, it is very colourful and enjoyable to study. Knowing what Allah is saying to us will make all the difference.

This is one of a kind book, Inshaa-Allah you will benefit greatly from it. A must for everyone!

Customer Reviews

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Your Surahs Made Easy (Part 2)

Surahs made easy part 2

Very good and informative book. Kids love to read it, both Arabic and English part. It’s colourful and engaging.

Service at it's best

Love the books, my nieces and son enjoy reading them as they clearly understand each surah along with the history behind it. Its supporting their Arabic learning.
Had an issue with one set of the books not being delivered due to Royal mail but Salam occasions did all they could to ensure I had them. They sent another set straight away and maintained communication updates all the time.
I felt very privileged and valued, exceptional service throughout the whole process.
When I wanted to order again (different toys) I didn't think twice or go anywhere else, I mean what else could you ask for excellent service, easy to order and prices are very reasonable.