Write The Quran

Type: Quran

Official Medina Uthmani Quran

Handwritten Traceable Method
Format: Hardback
Language: Arabic/English
Size: 24.7cm x 17.2cm x 4cm
Weight: 1.4KG
Pages: 618
Format: 15 Lines
Publication Date: 2023
Territory: World
Print Spec: 120 GSM
ISBN: 978-1-7392748-0-1
Publisher: Barakah Publishing LTD

The world's first authenticated, Uthmani handwritten Quran incorporating the traceable method. This exclusive 15 Line International Edition Mushaf features the official Medina script in the naskh calligraphy style.

Complete your own entire writing of the Noble Quran in accordance with the simplified writing guidelines, while also taking advantage of the Quranic writing etiquettes that are inspired by the renowned tafsir of the great Islamic scholar Imam Al-Qurtubi. Using the unique index included in the Quran, you may discover where each surah was revealed as well as how many verses it has.
The perfect gift that every Muslim, student of the Quran, or lover of Arabic needs to have! Because it is Sadaqah Jariyah for both of you, this is the finest present to give a close friend or family member.

Undoubtedly, this product will benefit both you and them, and you'll also be rewarded greatly in the hereafter.

For all Muslims, the Quran is an essential part of daily life. This version is an excellent resource for students of all levels. The combination of three separate learning modalities- -visual, verbal, and kinaesthetic in this book can help readers learn and memorise the Quran more quickly.

Here are 7 benefits of the product:
1. Invest more time in Allah's words by reading, writing, and contemplating them, which will multiply your good deeds and bring you rewards for each letter.
2. Develop the ability to write Arabic properly and with precise methods.
An excellent project for aspiring calligraphers and artists.
3. Expand your vocabulary using the Quran's approximately 18 thousand unique words.
4. A fantastic revising aid for strengthening your Hif and increasing your Quranic memory while writing and reciting, as is customary in Quran seminaries throughout North Africa (Mauritania/Morocco).
5. A self-written personal transcript in which you will ultimately write the entire Quran yourself and achieve a unique accomplishment.
6. A spiritual therapeutic tool, where writing Allah's words would undoubtedly promote mindfulness and relieve stress. Self-care can be accomplished through writing. According to research, writing makes you happier since it enables you to discover clarity among stressful emotions.
7. Let your hands be witnesses to this beautiful activity on the day of judgement, the day when the tongues, the hands and the feet will bear witness as to what they used to do. [Surah An Nur]

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