Sheepy the Sleepytime Sheep

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Sleepytime nasheeds, dua’s, white noise, & starry light projections, Sheepy soothes your baby to sleep by creating a calm environment.

Plays sleepytime nasheeds, dua’s, white noise, & projects stars! Soft & cuddly, Sheepy soothes your baby to sleep by creating a calm environment.

The words of the nasheeds and prayers encourage early language development, while sensory lights are captivating and mesmerising - with option to have them on or off.

If baby cries, the Smart Cry Sensor plays soft “shushing” automatically plays for 20 minutes while baby resettles back to sleep. Timer Mode and Volume Control, so Sheepy plays exactly how baby needs it, and being rechargeable via USB lead and washable (remove the projector!) makes it easy to take care of Sheepy!

Sheepy projects starry lights and plays 8 sleepy nasheeds...

Classic, soothing Zain Bhikha nasheeds with no instruments, remixed to encourage baby to sleep:

  1. Sleepytime
  2. Give Thanks to Allah
  3. Cotton Candy Sky
  4. Everything Belongs to Allah
  5. Forever
  6. Little Birdie
  7. Special
  8. Lovey Dovey - a new song developed just for Sheepy!

7 Dua's and Surahs:

Recites 7 Dua’s and Surahs including Ayatul Kursi, Surah Al Kafiroon, Surah Ikhlas, Surah Al Falaq, and Surah An-Nas.

4 White Noise Modes:

Modes of white noise: “shh” shushing sounds in mother’s gentle voice, calming and familiar womb heartbeat, soothing desert sounds, and rain sounds with Dhikr.


Plus beautiful star projections from a removeable sound & projection unit - remove for easy washing, or to use as a tabletop projector as baby grows!

Benefits baby’s development:

  • Encourages baby to self-soothe
  • Early dua’ and surah recognition
  • Offers early language development
  • Develops baby’s auditory & visual awareness


Sheepy grows with your child - securely strapping to cot/crib for infants, as a cuddly toy with a removeable projector in toddler years, as a tabletop projector for school age children.


Complies with UK and European Safety Standards EN71. Safety tested to ASTM 963. Tested according to international standards.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Quality and brilliant express delivery

Placed my first order and loved all the items
Placed another order and was shocked how quickly the items came

Brilliant site will deffo be ordering here again

The best gift for any baby

The sleepy sheep is honestly the best gift for any baby or toddler. It’s so cute and it does so much. It’s the ideal gift for a newborn too as it has white noise. It does nasheeds and duas. Just amazing

Super adorable

This sheep is so cute and absolutely adorable - I couldn’t resist buying one for each of my baby nieces. The customer service is also amazing, thank you so much for dispatching my orders asap for me 😊

Really helps soothe baby to sleep

Absolutely love this. It soothes baby to sleep. It is louder when detached from the sheep, otherwise the volume isn’t loud. When baby cries the white noise goes on automatically. One of my best purchases!