Quranic Infographics - Salam Comics - A Collection of Illustrations Inspired by the Qur'an


This hardcover, full-color book is a collection of illustrations inspired by verses of the Qur'an.

The artist has employed distinctly different art styles to present various topics including ethics and morality, history, and law in Islam.

From ancient Egyptian Art, stained-glass, and architectural isometric drawings, each piece has been thoughtfully composed to effectively communicate the Qur'anic message to all audiences.

Each illustration contains a message from the Qur’an but delivered through the medium of art.

The style of illustration vary on the theme of the topic. It includes isometric designs, Art from Ancient Egypt, Mayan civilization, Christian Glass… .

Some of the topics covered in the book:

* Three factors of excellence in the Qur’an
* Hijab in the Qur’an
* Paradise & Hell in the Qur’an
* Tolerance in the Qur’an

This book is easy to understand and accessible to people of all communities who want to explore the meaning of the Qur’an though a medium of art.

Hardcover | Ages 6+

Customer Reviews

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Lovely book with great illustrations

Brought as a gift, this book is very well presented and the illustrations are beautiful. The content is cleverly portrayed and I’m sure will be valued by the recipient.