My Prayer Journey: Kids Salah Journal & Activity Book


Teaching Prayer To Your Kids Has Never Been This Easy

My Little Legacy, The Prayer Journal & Activity Book, is specially designed to take your child on an educational and interactive journey to understand Prayer.

Educate Your Child To Love Prayer

Deeper Spiritual Connection

  • This journal goes beyond teaching prayer mechanics; it focuses on the "why" behind each step, helping children establish a meaningful spiritual connection with their faith from an early age.

Holistic Learning Experience

  • Through daily cross-curricular activities, the journal enhances both secular and Islamic studies concurrently. This approach contributes to a well-rounded educational development for the child.

Family Involvement and Support

  • The journal encourages parents to actively participate, fostering a supportive environment for their child's spiritual and educational growth. This collaborative approach strengthens the parent-child bond.

What's Inside?

1. Journal & Activity Book

Track your child's progress every day and help them complete the daily activities!

2. Prayer Travel Passport

Put this up on your wall. Let your child complete each activity on prayer and let them place the travel stamps on their passport poster.

3. Stickers

At the back of this journal are all of your child's travel stamps and more stickers to track their prayer.

4. Boarding Pass

Use the boarding pass as a bookmark to mark the page your child is travelling to.


  • My Prayer Journey: Kids Salah Journal & Activity Book
  • Boxed case for arts and crafts
  • Prayer Travel Passport
  • Prayer Boarding Pass
  • Sticker Sheets
  • Bookmark

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