Muhammad Man And Prophet

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The Prophet Muhammad initiated one of the most significant religious and cultural developments in human history, bringing into the world the religion of Islam in its final form.

His life continues to inspire millions and millions of people around the world.

Recent world events, bringing the world of Islam more and more in contact with other cultures around the world, makes a proper understanding of Islam and its Prophet very important for mutual understanding and world peace.

Adil Salahi's compelling biography traces the life of the Prophet Muhammad from birth and childhood in the Arabian desert to the triumph of Islam and its gaining permanent hold on Arabia.

The author sets this against a fascinating historical backdrop, making a careful analysis of events and relating them to the life of Muslims today.

Today, Islam provides perhaps the most important trend influencing arab and Islamic thinking throughout the world.

Adil salahi looks at Islam from this wider perspective with both the Muslim and non-Muslim readers in mind.

Muslims will add to their understanding of their own faith and non-Muslims will understand the passionate love Muslims have for their Prophet.