Moon and Star Quran Cot Mobile

Type: Bedding

 Moon & Stars Cot Mobile with Remote Control, Light Projection, and over 35 minutes of soothing Quran recitation.

This mobile is the perfect addition to your baby’s cot to entertain, comfort, and soothe your baby off to sleep.  Projects starry lights & recites 35+ minutes of gentle, soothing Quran. Beautiful moon and stars light show is just right for developing visual skills. Lights are soft red, green, and blue. 

The soft pastel shades of five soft rotating moon and stars to entertain baby are a complement any nursery, with a starry light show and comforting, soothing voice reciting Surah Yaseen, Surah Rahman, and much more.

Baby can hear 35+ minutes of especially recorded audio, a soothing and melodious recitation of Quran:

  • Surah Rahman
  • Surah Yaseen
  • last 2 ayahs of Surah Al Baqarah
  • Surah Nas
  • Surah Falaq
  • Surah Ikhlas
  • Ayatul Kursi
  • A beautiful lullaby.

Remote control re-starts the motorised mobile, light show, and sound with volume control – so no need to disturb baby.

Please note: The light projection does not function on it’s own, ie. without sound.

The function options which are controlled by the buttons on the spaceship and the buttons on the remote control are as follows:


  • With Sound + Light projection
  • With Sound + NO Light projection
  • With Sound + rotation of toys
  • With Sound + NO rotation of toys
  • With Sound + NO rotation of toys + NO projection.
  • Volume control
  • ON/OFF

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Amazing cot mobile

What can I say about the cot mobile except that it fulfilled my child's needs. Hearing the quranic words put him at ease and falls asleep very easy. Assembling the item is easy. I would have liked more surahs maybe an SD card. Having said this , I would recommend this to my friends and family.
Thank you Salam Occasions

Few problems

I like the idea of the item and overall it’s not bad in terms of choice of recitation, however I had a few problems. I ordered 2 mobiles (one for myself, the other for a friend as a gift). The first I opened and there was a missing piece hence it needed to be returned. The second I set up for my baby’s cot and the Quran recitation kept freezing. I switched with the missing piece one and it had the same issue. I feel the items are faulty. They are also slightly plasticy looking. If it had worked properly then it defo would be worth the price. Salam occasions were great about the return, I send it off today and hope to get my money back.

Perfect product

Very good product love it

Beautiful Cot Mobile

It is good but bit disappointed as recitation is not in a Qari's voice. I choosed this one based on Surahs and was expecting Qari Abdul Basit /Sheikh Mishary or other recitor's voice. Even if it had SD card or play your own audio option as Kaba cot mobile has which I realized now it would be perfect. Design is really good with different colours. A beautiful and thoughtful product.


The cot mobile came in a lovely box, which makes it perfect to give as a gift.
We haven't been able to use it and assemble it as its a gift however we put batteries in to check the sound and speaker quality. Must say its definitely decent. The light projector is fairly decent too with the quick check we did.
I would've given full stars but I submitted a query about delivery and didn't hear back.