Juzz Amma Journal

Type: Stationery


Guided Qur’an journal for men, women, teens to encourage learning, loving, and living with the Qur’an. Read and reflect on the most recited chapter of the Qur’an; Juzz Amma!


Personalise your relationship with the Qur’an and journey towards self-improvement. Read the guided reflection, take notes of the connection between the verses and what it means for your journey towards knowing your Creator.


Take time to answer the Positive-Empowering-Proactive (PEP) questions and let your heart be guided by how to live with the life principles from the Qur’an.


Within each surah, there are principles and values to live with. Light the lamp of faith within you by living with these principles and spread the beauties of Islam.


There is no better place where Allah reveals Himself than in the Qur’an. Call upon Allah using the Du’a and His Names embedded within the guided reflection.


Dream, create, interact and tie down knowledge by writing. Journal your ‘why’ you are a seeker of ultimate meaning and purpose in life!


Gorgeous full-colour, art designs, quotes and inspirations.. A meaningful gift for adults, young adults and teenagers which they will cherish forever. Help anyone who wants to connect with the Qur’an!



  • Qur’an Chapter, order, and period of revelation
  • Qur’an chapter in Arabic and interpretation of meanings in English
  • Illustrated message based on the ayah from the related chapter
  • A brief and insightful introduction to each chapter within Juzz Amma
  • Guided reflection based on selected verses from the surah
  • Du’a, authentic prayers and supplications from the prophetic traditions
  • Reflection page for your journey towards self-improvement and spiritual awareness
  • Muslim values, principles, and moral standards to live by


  • Format – Hardback 
  • 208 pages – full colour and high-quality printing 
  • Product Dimensions: 18.5 x 23.5cm (width x height)
  • Gold ribbon bookmark


Qur’an and Me Juzz Amma is a guided reflective journal that provides learners with unique opportunities to think deeply, connect personally with the Qur’an and grow in faith. It summarises each surah concisely and embeds the names and attributes of Allah and Du’a within each guided reflection. The Positive-Empowering-Proactive (PEP) questions and fundamental Islamic values on the journaling pages present a hands-on approach to implementing lessons learned from the Qur’an reflection.

May this humble and sincere endeavour sow the seeds of faith in your heart and establish the Qur’an as an indispensable guide and companion in your life’s journey.

    Customer Reviews

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    A life-changing transformation!

    I cannot recommend the Juzz Amma Journal by Paradise Pearls enough!!! It should be part of every Muslim household, helping us to have a deeper and transformative relationship with the Qu'ran, and in turn, get closer to our Creator!

    Each surah is beautifully structured and brings together highlighted key ayahs, names of Allah, personal development goals, duaas and more to prompt the reader to connect with each surah to truly transform one's life.

    Whether you are new to Qu'ran journaling or not, the Juzz Amma Journal being so detailed, easy to pick up, and well-laid out will support and guide you in your journey of taddabar. This is only the beginning!!

    This prized journal is something I truly cherish. I really look forward to my weekly journaling sessions – it's part of my weekly check-in, reset and refresh, helping me to work on myself and my relationship with Allah SWT all while looking forward to the week ahead with the Book of Allah as my guide. It really would make a thoughtful gift - something that could be passed on to generations to come!