Hana Talking & Singing Interactive Doll - by Omar and Hana

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The all-new Interactive Talking and Singing Omar & Hana Dolls are here! Learn and sing with the official Omar & Hana interactive Plush Doll!
Genuine official licensed merchandise
  • Press both hands to learn and sing with Omar & Hana
  • 30cm tall soft plush doll that speaks and sings when you press both hands.
  • Encouraging the understanding of Islam in a fun & playful way!
  • Genuine official licensed merchandise by Omar and Hana
  • Each doll includes over 6 minutes of speech and songs from the hit YouTube sensation Omar and Hana!
Includes 8 of your favorite Omar & Hana Islamic songs & Nasheeds:
  • Assalamualaikum
  • Bismillah
  • Alhamdullilah
  • Love Allah & His Prophet
  • The Virtues of Salah
  • Insh’Allah
  • Alif Ba Taa
  • Dua Before Sleeping
Learn about helping people with Hana! 

Hana’s phrases are:
  • Assalamualaykum
  • My name is Hana
  • What is your name?
  • That’s a nice name
  • MashAllah!
  • I love to help people!
  • What do you like to do?
  • Shall we sing a song about helping?
  • Let’s sing the helping song!
  • Helping song.
Learn about going to the Masjid with Omar!

Omar’s phrases are:
  • Assalamualaykum
  • My name is Omar
  • That’s a nice name
  • MashAllah!
  • I love playing with my friends
  • What do you like to do?
  • I love going to the Masjid!
  • Masjid Song.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Cute dolls, package well, website easy to use and delivery information was sent frequently so it was easy to track. The dolls were loved by the children and their parents.


Hi why the volume of the toy is very low. Is there any chance that I can increase the volume?

Does anyone else feel the same?

Its adorable

My 2 and 3 years daughters just love both omar and hana toy. They love watching omar hana on TV and now omar hana are also their travel buddies going with them every where...am afraid how to wash them till now have no idea if they get dirty how to do it..coz wires in as as well its been a month they having them..let's see

Best gift

I bought this for my 9 month old daughter on Eid ,and as soon I open it she hugged Hana! She is in love with this doll I can just recommend it ,better then any baby doll! I will definitely get Omar now for her birthday! Thank you

Great product however

Great product however the batteries needed replacing within two weeks. My two year old loves it. Couldn’t have picked a better eid gift.