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Live each day with spirituality, success, structure


The Faith & Focus Journal is a daily system that helps you gradually improve your spirituality and success, so you can live each moment with peace, purpose and productivity. A combination worship guide and 90-day morning and evening journal backed by Quranic wisdom and psychology.

Faith & Focus is a 90-day morning and evening guided journal to bring spirituality, success and structure to your everyday life. It’s designed to help you consciously connect to Allah and your goals and overcome overwhelm, distractions and feeling spiritually incomplete. Inspired by timeless wisdom in the Qur’an. Backed by modern psychology. Built for beginners.


The Faith & Focus Morning & Evening Daily Journal ends the cycle of feeling spiritually incomplete by giving you a daily system to connect consciously to God and your goals.

Spirituality & Success

The simplest tool you can use to achieve faith and focus in your day. Bring spirituality, structure and success into your everyday life.

Built For Busy People

Because you are busy you need something to centre your life. Based on the Qur’anic principles of having a morning and evening routine, use it for 5 minutes a day, twice a day.

Gradual Guaranteed Progress

You can be at the start of your faith journey or advanced. Your daily pages can be tailored to different levels of routines.

Daily Worship Guide

Learn the why behind acts of daily worship and learn routines you can easily merge into in your daily lifestyle.

Daily Routines Guide

Beginner, intermediate and advanced daily routines giving you a gradual journey of guaranteed progress.

Daily Journal

Two pages to save your day, everyday. A 90-day guided journal for peaceful being and purposeful doing.

Daily Supplications Guide

Morning, evening, night supplications that compliment and boost your daily routine. Organised by beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to accommodate everyone.


  • Compact 5.4” x 7.7”
  • Elegant Soft-cloth
  • Embossed design, gold foiling
  • 224pp full-colour pen-friendly pages
  • Morning evening 90-day achievement cycle
  • Extras: Elastic Band, Ribbon, 1 Pocket

Customer Reviews

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This has helped me organise my time so well, and really boosted my productivity and self reflection alhamdulillah. I would deffo recommend it. It is also the perfect gift.

Amazing customer service and awesome range of products

I am overjoyed with my products and have been using my calendar and journal daily, the products all came within two days packed beautifully. I already have Eid gifts in my basket ready to purchase. May Allah continue to put Barakah on your business ❤️❤️❤️

Zulekha K.
Perfect ✨

Got this journal for a few of my family members and for myself. The other as a birthday gift and Umrah gift and they all loved the journal! It’s definitely something different and I always buy thoughtful gifts and people never forget me for that! Who doesn’t want to be remembered! Nice gift idea.