Rush to Mecca Board Game

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The first Islamic game that contains all the ingredients: action, humour, excitement, sensation and knowledge.

A hilarious and fun board game for the whole family! To play with friends, family and children 6 years and older.

About the game

“Whoever travels a path in search of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him a path to Paradise.”


Rush to Mecca: the first complete Islamic family game!

Rush to Mecca is an educational board game full of excitement, knowledge, humour and action. The game teaches you about Islam, through challenging questions that broaden your Islamic knowledge and strengthen your general development.

“Create your own team, collect all your knowledge, focus on the questions and surprise your opponent with your answers from

How is your knowledge of Deen and Dunya? Participate in the search for knowledge about Islam, in a relaxed and educational way. Rush to Mecca offers hours of fun with family and friends. Attention for each other, enjoying time together and a fun way to learn and share knowledge with each other.

Junior Box (Expansion Set)

In a time of video games, tablets and social media, our youth barely play board games. Playing a board game can teach young people things in a creative and fun way. That’s why Rush to Mecca also involves the youngest family members in the game. No television and computer screens, but quality time with the whole family!

Children from the age of 6 can participate and learn about Islam in a playful way. The ultimate gaming experience with Islamic knowledge!

Combi Pack

Why not buy both? The combi pack includes both the Deen & Dunya Box and the Junior Box.

Customer Reviews

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Great family game

We all love playing this as a family, so much knowledge to gain. It's certainly one that you can play for hours. Great purchase, lovely company. Great communications. Highly recommended!


Great communication from the company. It arrived on time and was able to track it well.