Ramadan Planner - Special Edition (Grey Tiles)

Type: Stationery
Ramadan planners are designed to help us to focus and reflect upon our actions, and work on self-improvement during this month. This Special Edition Ramadan planner combines the author's standard edition Ramadan Planner with her Ramadan Health Planner - enabling users to focus on physical and mental health, as well as spiritual health.

Writing down what you've eaten and keeping track of your exercise habits makes you accountable to yourself, and helps you to see where you can improve. Allowing yourself a bit of 'me-time' each day using the self-care ideas provided and writing about your thoughts and feelings helps to gain some control of your emotions - which is especially effective if you struggle with stress, anxiety or depression.

The planner is split into sections, and focuses on:
• Du'as
• Qur'an
• Zakat & Sadaqah
• Nutrition & Diet
• Exercise & Self-Care
• Eid planning

There are pre-planning pages, where you can identify your goals and action plans before the month begins, along with daily reflection pages for 30 days, and ample note pages at the back of the book. The planner also provides du'as of the Prophet (pbuh), 40 Rabbana du'as, valuable informative content on nutrition, self-care, and various other areas.

InshaAllah this planner will inspire you to have a healthier Ramadan, which in turn will make it a more focused month and benefit you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Measures 6 x9 inch (approx UK A5), paperback