Mini Muslims - Makkah Cot Mobile

Type: Bedding

At a Glance

Soothe your baby to sleep with the limited edition Makkah cot mobile. The mobile attaches to your baby’s cot and features a state of the art memory card musical box that plays Islamic lullabies, Nasheeds & Qur’an. As the lullabies play, the mobile slowly rotates to make the soft toys gently sway as your little one drifts off to sleep. The mobile gives the child a glance of Makkah as they drift off to sleep. Teach your child about Makkah as they grow older & allow them to vision it.

Product includes:

  • Cot arm
  • Bluetooth enabled Cot mobile pre-loaded with islamic lullabies, Quran, Nasheeds & Dua’s
  • Kaaba, Hajr e Aswad, Maqaam e Ibraheem, Jabal An Noor (Cave Hira Mountain), Zam Zam water drop, Star & Moon
  • USB cable to update memory card

Features and benefits

  • Suitable from birth till 6 years of age
  • Musical box which plays non-instrumental islamic lullabies, Qur’an & bed time prayers by children
  • White noise background on lullabies
  •  The mobile rotate slowly
  • Attaches easily to the cot side
  • Soothing and calming for bedtime
  • Fabric composition: Non Woven fabric, plastic
  • Filing: PP Cotton
  • CE certified
  • Weight: 200g

This cot mobile may not fit all cot designs. The Lullabies on the cot mobile contain white noise.