Oud Home Gift Collection 1


Oud & Black Pepper Reed Diffuser 50ml

Bergamot and black pepper entice the aura of this oud blend, enlivening heady jasmine, sensual rugged woods and lavish dar, resinous agar.

Oud Jasmine Sorbet Votive Candle 9cl

A succulent, oriental blend of lavish fruit sorbet, royal jasmine, white blossoms and lush vanilla pods embroiled in a precious oud & patchouli haze.

Oud Rose & Saffron Votive Candle 9cl

A noble oud blend depicted with depths of masculine precious woods, earthy tobacco’s, sweet vanilla and crimson saffron which glows in a hue of a succulent peach sugared heart of waxed petals and rose water.